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Lumi Storyboard Act 2

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(Only submitting Act 2 as we didn't have time to make changes to Act 1)

- Because of that… Lumi starts her search for her brother.
- After fixing the oxygen tank,she realizes her brother is missing. Lumi becomes devastated and blames herself for his disappearance
- The oxygen tank is still very low, Lumi has a limited amount of time to figure out where Pan went.
- In desperation of low oxygen and a missing brother, Lumi panics into trying to make a quick invention
- She gets really close to being successful but it suddenly powers out.
- This causes Lumi to lash out her frustration on BOBA and reveals the crystal Pan left inside a long time ago. DIALOGUE: (Lumi) AUUUGHH!
- After quickly analyzing the crystal, Lumi manages to finally make BOBA work and begins to track down Pan.(DIALOGUE: (Lumi) I DID IT!) She gets lead through the open portal, causing the sub to crash-land into the other dimension

- Because of that… Lumi enters the portal and finds a masked child, a rock creature, and a wisp running away from a group of hunters
Upon finding a strange group running from frightening-looking hunters, Lumi’s first instinct is to save them.
- BOBA blinds the hunters with its bright, flashing eyes and Lumi manages to trap them with her net gun. DIALOGUE: (Lumi) LEAVE THEM ALONE!
- Suddenly a small earthquake startles everyone. Lumi and the others take this unexpected event to their advantage and escape as quickly as possible.
- Seeing new inventions, the masked child becomes impressed by Lumi and grows curious about all the inventions she has on her.
- Lumi wants to ask many questions but at the same time is too shocked by the creatures she saw before her: the masked child, the rock creature, and the wisp DIALOGUE: (Lumi) What are… all of you??
- Lumi offers to teach the masked child more about her inventions and in return, asks the new group to help her get to wherever BOBA is pointing to
- As Lumi becomes more familiar with this new group, she begins to have a connection with the masked child. The child reminds her of herself when she was young as Pan was her teacher in making inventions
- As they get closer, Lumi notices the crystal in BOBA shining brighter, but the masked child suddenly demands her to end her mission DIALOGUE: (Child) We have to stop here.. (Lumi) What? Why?!?
- This makes the child and Lumi break into an argument.
- In the midst of their argument, Lumi and the child break BOBA, making it malfunction and no longer point to a direction. (The crystals still shine brightly by themselves) DIALOGUE: (Child) We just.. CAN’T!!

- Because of that… Lumi and the group end up getting ambushed by the group of hunters mid-argument.
- Lumi feels complete betrayal by the masked child for breaking BOBA and instead of helping the others escape a second time, she grabs what’s left of BOBA and the crystal and flees.
- After running away, she can still see from a distance the masked child and the others getting captured. They start going towards the direction they were originally headed to before being stopped by the child.
- Lumi looks at both the group and the crystal, trying to figure out what she should do
- She thinks about how much she bonded with the group, how much the masked child looked up to her, and finally makes a decision: She needs to save her NEW FRIENDS.

Team P2
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