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Manage Teams & Facilitators

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You can add co-facilitators to help manage some or all of your teams. You can assign/move facilitators using the dropdown in each the team box.
Add New Facilitator
Co-facilitators are people you want to help manage your teams. They can modify & track progress of the teams they are assigned. You can assign facilitators to your teams using the dropdown in the top right corner of the team box.
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Show my assignments

Current team assignments

The 5th slot is for temporary use when moving students

Manage Facilitators
You can add up to 4 people per team by clicking Add Team Member.
You can add yourself by clicking Add me to a Team.
After adding team member they will receive an email telling them to access the program
by going to our homepage and logging in using the email you provided.
You can move people between teams by clicking their name.
You can edit a team member by clicking on their name and selecting "edit team member" from the dropdown.
To add facilitators click manage facilitators.
We have a short help video if you are stuck.
Need help with your teams?
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