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Character Profile: Meet Fuga

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** SENDING TRANSMISSION TO THE FAR EDGES OF THE GALAXY** HELP, PLANNING AN ESCAPE FROM CAPTURE.....My name is Fuga. I’m tall, green, with purple eyes and a blue mouth. I’m a little insecure, fairly meek, but I try to be compassionate toward others. I really need to get to the sun. However, plans went awry and I was captured and now held prisoner in a place called Area 51, it's bad. Really bad.. Please, I am the last of my kind and my entire kingdom was killed in a crash landing. I can confirm with absolute certainty my location is in the Milky Way and I'm pretty sure it's in a solar system relatively close to our desired star. From space, planet looks like it's mostly water, located roughly 30 Zamtrons away from a ringed planet. If anyone gets this message, please help. There are more of us. ** END OF TRANSMISSION**

Bro HamCam
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