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Wolf and Dragon- Act 1 & 2- Kayla Stith

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Gonna add more effects and stuff later. This took me forever lol. I wanted to make it silent but I don't have enough time to board everything. Sorry for the cruddy quality, the main file kept having errors so I had to compress it.

Act 1 transcript: Once upon a time, a mother dragon tried to fend off a pack of smilodons in order to save her clutch of eggs. Outnumbered, she grabs her eggs and makes a way towards the cave entrance.

—As she begins to fly away, one of the smilodons leaps into the air and sinks his claws into her leg. Causing one of the eggs to slip and fall out of her grasp as she tries to throw him off.

—The struggle causes the smilodon to come plummeting soon after. Unable to see where her egg fell, the mother dragon assumes the worst and flies off with her remaining clutch, heartbroken. Miraculously, the egg falls gently into the dense jungle below. The smilodon falls, not so gently. Hitting everything on the way down then slinking off into the distance.

—The egg rolls near the den of a lone wolf named Lobo. The egg soon hatches and immediately takes a liking to him. Having no family of his own, Lobo, decides to raise the baby dragon as his own

Everyday, Lobo and the baby dragon, named Pitaya, would go out and scavenge for food while avoiding other predators.

—Lobo would carefully check the area for any danger before treading on. Pitaya on the other hand, was very untroubled and often went about without a care in the world.

—They find an abandoned carcass, say for a few vultures. No different than their day to day, they often devour their meals without much issue.

Until one day, Pitaya gets distracted by a pretty butterfly and chases it into the jungle without Lobo’s notice.

—Unbeknownst to her, that smilodon is out on the prowl, looking for its next meal. It catches a whiff of her scent and stalks the area.

—Pitaya bounds around happily trying to catch the butterfly. Completely unaware of the danger that surrounds her as the smilodon inches closer and closer.

Act 2 transcript: Because of that, Lobo glanced up only to realize that Pitaya was gone. Her tiny footprints lead Lobo into the jungle.

—Shuddering upon seeing the smilodon, he shrinks behind the bushes. Low to the ground he sees Pitaya leaping a few paces ahead of him, still chasing that butterfly. Staying fixated on the smilodon, he softly creeps over to Pitaya and…he snags the tip of her tail and quickly drags her back. Hightailing it out of there before the smilodon can see him.

—It begins to rain. Once they come to a safer area Lobo puts Pitaya down. Pitaya obliviously tries to play with Lobo. In frustration Lobo makes an aggressive snarl at her, causing Pitaya to tear up. Pitaya runs off again, with Lobo in pursuit.

—Fearing he lost her again, he soon finds her, staring stilfully at something. It's a pack of wolves. The whole family is howling and playing together. Pitaya watches them perplexingly. Lobo notices her confusion. (and gestures this) He points to the pack, gestures his paw to Pitaya’s heart, then to his own heart. He licks her affectionately. And with that, they head home, Pitaya glancing back at the wolfpack one more time. On the way, she sees her reflection in a large puddle, then studies Lobo as he walks onward. She trudges on frettingly. After an exhausting day they finally arrive at the den and go to sleep.

Because of that, Lobo has a nightmare about Pitaya getting hurt. That fear bleeds into images of the past. Of his old pack. His pups, and his mate all being swept under the deluge in the blink of an eye. He wakes up in a cold sweat, it was all just a dream. He looks over to where Pitaya would normally be sleeping. She’s gone. In a panic, he frantically runs around the den trying to find her.

—A large shadowy figure stalks from above the den. It leaps in the air and lands on the frightened Lobo. It’s…Pitaya, though she’s a little bit older now. It’s been many seasons since that incident but that never brought her down. Lobo on the other hand, was always watching where Pitaya was going. He’s had enough of her silly antics and pushes her back inside the den, one that is clearly too small for her now. Frustrated with him, she turns and runs off deep into the jungle. Much to Lobo’s dismay.

—With a little time to herself, Pitaya explores the jungle. That is until a skulking figure makes itself known. Leaping from out of the leaves, the old smilodon attacks her from behind. Up to his old tricks again, the smilodon pins Pitaya down before she has time to recover. The smilodon recognizes her resemblance to that dragon that he battled for the eggs. Feeling vengeful, he tries to sink his teeth into her throat.

Because of that, Lobo leaps from the bushes, butting the smilodon head on, causing it to stumble over. Pitaya gets up and Lobo moves himself in front of her, acting as a shield between them. The smilodon steadies itself ready to strike back. Lobo leaps again, going for the throat, but it’s no good. The smilodon catches him by the flank and heavily thrusts his body into the trunk of a tree. Lobo slides down limply, unmoving.

—Pitaya is overcome with a sensation she’s never felt before. A tinge of pain and anger floods her senses until. Flames everywhere. Pitaya burns everything in front of her. Terrified, the smilodon turns tail and flees. As Pitaya calms down, she only now realizes what she’s done. She must escape before the flames consume her and Lobo both. She hikes up Lobo’s body over her shoulder and heads off.

—She races towards the den but can’t make heads or tails of the way as the flames begin to grow. Trying to find a different path, she halts at a cliff's edge. She looks back as the jungle burns. It’s either stay or jump. Taking a deep breath, eyes shut, she jumps. As she falls her wings begin to lift her. Her eyes slowly begin to open. To her surprise, she’s above the trees, flying. Lobo, coming to, awakens to find them soaring. Nearly jumping out of his fur, he clings tighter to Pitaya. But he soon starts to enjoy himself, howling out of joy. Pitaya tries to howl too, but instead, she cries a shriek that is carried over for miles. Far enough to reach the ears of something else.

Team Kay
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