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Billie Story

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Once upon a time there was a boy named Billie. Billie lived with his grandma near a cemetery, he loved to read fantasy books where the main character was alway a renowned hero. Every day Billie would help his grandma tend to the cemetery even though he didn’t like it, he preferred to water the flowers and tend to the garden than looking after the Tombstones. But one day his grandma confides in him that he will soon get the ability to see ghosts this is why they took care of the cemetery, it was their duty too look after the ghost and help them any way they could. Because of that when Billie got his ability he was very scared and didn’t want to help the ghosts, however when he was tending to a tombstone he saw a dog coming out of it and running away in direction to the city. Because of that, Billie hesitated to run after the dog, it wasn’t until more ghost came out of their tombs looking for the runaway dog that Billie knew it was his time to help out. Because of that Billie went into the city with a group of ghosts who not only supported him with his first “mission” but also comforted him in his fear of the unknown. Until finally Billie and the group found the dog and where able to return to the house. The ghost boy owner of the dog was so happy and Billie knew that this was his calling. Ever since that day Billie is happy to help out in the cemetery and looks forward to play with his ghost dog friend and the rest of the ghosts. The moral of the story is: Facing your fears, help you and others.

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