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Orion the Brave

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This is Orion. Orion is a human shaped constellation. His outward appearance is strongly built, slim and determined. However, he is shy, insecure and unable to cope with important problems. A long time ago, Orion was not like this. He was much stronger and safer, and was in charge, along with his fellow constellations, of defending the Earth from the attacks of Phobos and Deimos, two supernatural entities that wanted to destroy life in our planet. One day, a giant meteorite from the two evil entities fell on Earth, and Orion could do nothing to prevent it. That meteorite caused a lot of destruction and devastation, and wiped out a lot of life on Earth (including the dinosaurs). The failure caused Orion to withdraw into himself, and today he wants to stay away from everything and never fight again, which is why he lives isolated along with the animal constellations (Canis Major, Capricornus, Ursa Minor...), which they better understand him. However, Phobos and Deimos decide to attack again with a gigantic meteorite, and Orion will have to cope with his fear and try to save us from destruction, and at the same time, recovering his old strength and self confidence.

Hala Madrid Team
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