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Farron in the Valley

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-The character's name is: Farron (meaning wanderer in old english) -On the outside, they look like: a gender neutral young adult (teen) with a well built body (hard-working) that has been exposed to the elements (sun, wind) with mountain layering (several thin layers of clothing to protect from wind/abrasion) -On the inside, they are: very much a strong-thinker, likes to think out of the box and does not conform to rules well -What they want most is: independency and the ability to explore and try new things -What stops them from getting what they want is: their community has a rigid set of rules that does not allow for much variation from what is well established (for what they claim to be safety reasons) -What they need to learn is: that independency is possible, and that survival often means teamwork, so they encounter new friends on their journey away from the mountains (in exile over eating 1 potato instead of 2)

Flying Fingers
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